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Why Science

Basic scientific research often consumes significant amount of resources, but on the other hand can rarely generate immediate and specific benefits, either creation or improvements in the quality of life, then why must we pursue basic scientific research? Nobel Laureate Sheldon Glashow shared his wisdom and offered answers to this question in this talk here.

The Economic Benefits of Basic Research

In this interesting article “The economic benefits of publicly funded basic research: a critical review”, Ammon J. Salter and Ben R. Martin reviewed in detail the economic impacts of basic science, using several methodological approaches - econometric studies, surveys and case studies and found convincing evidence to support the idea that there were considerable economic benefits to the public funding of basic research. They came to the conclusion that “although its economic benefits are hard to quantify, basic research is crucial for the strategic position of industrialised nations in the world economy, and for remaining at the leading edge of technology”. Read more here.

In another interesting article “Cost-Benefit Analysis of the LHC to 2025 and beyond: Was it Worth it ?”, Prof. Massimo Florio at University of Milan applied the model of cost-benefit analysis for large scale research infrastructures to a collider project of the LHC. It shows that there is currently 92% probability that social benefits of LHC exceed its costs. Read more here.  

The Importance of Accelerators in High Energy Physics

In the Workshop on Future High Energy Circular Collider, Dr Weiren Chou (FNAL) gave an interesting presentation reviewing the development history of accelerators in High Energy Physics and their outstanding impacts on the field. Click here to read more.

The Asian Accelerator Plaza website has compiled an extensive list of the accelerators in Asia. Click here to find out the accelerators. .





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