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Mini-Workshop on dynamic aperture of circular accelerator

In November 1st to 3rd, 2017, ICFA Mini-Workshop on Dynamic Apertures of Circular Accelerators was held in IHEP. The workshop is sponsored by the international accelerator Commission of the future (ICFA), and is hosted by IHEP. More than 40 delegates from 8 countries and regions took part. Most of the participants were top experts and famous scholars of accelerator physics particle dynamic aperture. Professor Gao Jie serves as the chairman of the workshop.

Yifang Wang, director of the IHEP, addressed the opening ceremony, explaining the important role of scientific research in this field for improving the performance of the accelerator and welcoming the participants. The workshop organized 26 invited talks and a round table meeting. The workshop discussion covers the history and frontiers of dynamic aperture, important theories, calculation methods, optimization algorithms, key problems, and accelerator projects (such as electron and positron Collider, proton proton Collider, electron proton Collider, synchrotron light source and so on.

This workshop is a summary and communication of the research results of the dynamic aperture of the circular accelerator in recent years, also the communication and cooperation between the accelerator experts in the different accelerator applications, also enhanced international cooperation in the future research on CEPC accelerator.





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