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CEPC-SPPC Accelerator Conceptual Design Reviewed

A mini-review workshop for the Circular Electron Positron Collider (CEPC) - Super Proton–Proton Collider (SPPC) Conceptual Design Report was held at the Institute of High Energy Physics from November 4th to 5th.

More than 20 accelerator experts from the USA, Russia, Switzerland, Japan, France and China were invited to join the workshop.

Twenty-eight reports were delivered at the workshop, covering the physics design of the CEPC-SPPC accelerator, as well as systems including the RF system, magnets, power supply, control systems, beam measurement, vacuum, mechanics, radiation protection, etc. Two plenary discussion sessions were held.

This workshop gave a good opportunity for scientists to conclude and exchange current research work on accelerator design for CEPC-SPPC. The CDR is scheduled to be published in April, 2017.

The CEPC is the future high-energy physics (HEP) project which was proposed by the Chinese high-energy physics community just after the Higgs discovery in 2012. The design calls for the CEPC to operate at 240 GeV as a “Higgs factory”, generating lots of Higgs bosons so that the mass of the Higgs can be measured precisely. Physicists hope to eventually upgrade the CEPC to a Super Proton–Proton Collider (SPPC), operating in the 70–100 TeV energy range.





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