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Third Annual Meeting of CEPC-SppC International Advisory Committee Held at IHEP

The Third Annual Meeting of the CEPC-SppC International Advisory Committee was held on November 8 and 9, 2017 at the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP). Fourteen noted scientists from the international high energy physics community attended the meeting.

Prof. Lou Xinchou, CEPC-SppC project director reported on the status, progress of the project and implementation of 2016 IAC recommendations. Group leaders of the CEPC-SppC study group reported respectively on CDR and Progress of the CEPC accelerator, SppC accelerator and CEPC detector.

After the talks and discussions, the committee commented on the progress of the project. The committee supported the suggestion of international reviews of the CDRs, the development of the CEPC Industrial Promotion Consortium and applauded the increasing international participation in the project. The committee also recommends further increasing international participation in the project, stronger input into regional road map discussions, and industrialization of components both in China and internationally.

The IAC committee, established in May 2015, aims to offer professional advice on the development path of the CEPC-SppC and on issues related to the international collaboration, to build up a framework for future collaboration and to attract more international teams to join the CEPC-SppC study.





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