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Important progress has been made in the research of high performance 1.3GHz superconducting cavity (2019-12-25)


Recently, several 1.3GHz superconducting cavities developed by IHEP have achieved the accelerating gradient of maxium 45.6MV/m and average of 43MV/m. This progress marks that the R &D, manufacturing and post-processing technology and supporting facilities of superconducting cavities in China have reached the international leading level.

The vertical acceleration gradient of 6 fine grain pure niobium 1.3GHz single cell superconducting cavities developed by IHEP reached more than 40MV/m @2K.  Among them, the maximum acceleration gradient of S004 cavity is 45.6MV/m, which is close to the theoretical limit of TESLA pure niobium cavity. The quality factor Q0 of S018 cavity under 43MV/m gradient reaches the international leading level of 1.3×10^10.


The endoscope examines the internal surface of the lumen






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