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CEPC Industrial Promotion Consortium Meeting were held in IHEP (2018-11-17)


On November 12th to 14th, CEPC Industrial Promotion Consortium (CIPC) attended the CEPC International Conference, and held the CIPC parallel sessions and plenary meeting.

In three days’ parallel sessions, the CIPC members from more than 30 institutes reported the progress on CEPC accelerator key technology research, site selection, civil engineering design and the CEPC scientific city design, introduced the company background, discussed the expectation for the contribution on CEPC technical design report (TDR) preparation and CEPC industrialization.

CIPC plenary meeting was held during the CEPC international conference. Professor Jie Gao, the deputy director of the CEPC institutional Board, member of the CEPC Steering Committee, leader of CEPC accelerator, and Jinlin Gao, the director of CIPC, co-chaired the meeting. Jie Gao firstly fully affirmed the important role of the Chinese industrial community and CIPC member companies in completing the CEPC accelerator CDR. He hoped that the CIPC can play important role in the CEPC TDR, the preparation of CEPC industrialization construction. Gao jinlin, on behalf of CIPC members, said that CIPC will continue taking an active role in CEPC related research and industrialization and further expand the CIPC members. During the meeting, Academician Yifang Wang, director of IHEP and director of CEPC Steering Committee, attended the meeting and communicated with CIPC representatives.

The meeting approved 13 new CIPC members, and studied how CIPC could play a greater role in the R&D research of CEPC accelerator and detector in TDR stage. In the CDR stage, CIPC actively participated in the CEPC site selection, civil engineering design, and digital model, 650 MHZ klystron, MDI design, static electron-magnet separator machine design, removable collimator, magnet machine design, high power cooling system, high temperature superconducting magnets and CEPC scientific city planning and design. They will continue to work together in the TDR phase to achieve the TDR objectives as scheduled in 2022 and prepare for the industrialization construction from 2022 to 2030.

CEPC International Advisory Committee praised the CEPC-CIPC cooperation mechanism, the achievement in CDR stage and the working plan for TDR stage, affirmed the leading role of CEPC-SPPC key technology research on industry, suggested to further strengthen the cooperation with CIPC, actively responding to the technical issues and challenges, providing the strong industrial protection for the construction of the CEPC scientific installation.






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