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The first CEPC workshop on synchrotron radiation light source applications

With the support of the China Center of Advanced Science and Technology, mainly sponsored by IHEP and the center for excellence and innovation of the particle physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the first CEPC workshop on the application of synchrotron radiation was held in IHEP from December 6th to 8th. The total of 54 participants from Fermilab, Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Tsinghua University, China West Normal University and other domestic institutes took part in the workshop.

Yifang Wang, the director of IHEP, addressed the history and present situation of particle physics. He pointed out that China is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges in the field of high-energy physics. The construction of the future high-energy particle collider will bring great breakthroughs in R&D of basic research and related key technologies in China and world. It has an immeasurable scientific value and significance. He hoped that the participants will make new efforts and contributions to the application of CEPC synchrotron source.

The conference focus on the application of CEPC synchrotron radiation source in nuclear physics, transmutation research, nuclear astrophysics, QED effect, materials and new physics. Several topics in the research frontiers, such as new photon light source, high intensity photon source detection technology and electronics, shielding and protection of CEPC synchrotron radiation, are discussed in depth.

The workshop put forward some ideas for further development in the future, and will set up a new type of cooperative photon light source and CEPC synchrotron radiation application group to better carry out this research and exploration.





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