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The Phase-I International review of CEPC Accelerator Technical Design Report was successfully held (2023-06-26)


The Phase-I International Review of the Accelerator Technical Design Report (TDR) of the High-energy Circular Electron Positron Collider (CEPC) was held in Hong Kong, China from June 12 to 16.

The conference focused on the design and pre-research of key technologies of CEPC, hosted by the Institute of High Energy Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and hosted by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 17 experts from seven countries, including Japan, Russia, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and China, made up the review committee. Professor Frank Zimmermann, a senior scientist at CERN's accelerator department and one of the leaders of the future Circular Collider (FCC), chaired the review committee, which was composed of the world's leading experts and scholars in the field of accelerator physics and technology.

Academician Yifang Wang, Director of IHEP and project leader of the CEPC Steering Committee, attended the meeting and expressed his welcome and gratitude to the review experts, pointing out that TDR is an important achievement of CEPC and looking forward to the professional opinions and guidance of the review team.

CEPC Project Manager Lou Xinchou first gave a general introduction to CEPC, and accelerator convenor Li Yuhui gave a review report on CEPC accelerator. The conference focused on more than 30 accelerator professional reports, covering CEPC accelerator physics design, high frequency cavity, power source, magnet, power supply, control system, beam measurement, vacuum, mechanical, radiation protection and general operation systems, covering all the physical and technical issues related to accelerator design in CEPC Technical design reports. For the first time, this review will report on the application potential of CEPC, laying the foundation for the extended application of future devices. At last, the report of CEPC collider on civil geological prospecting, CEPC industrialization preparation and Deep-C file system is presented. The meeting also included a focused discussion between the review committee and the technical design team. The discussion between the review team and the technical team was more lively during the break, and the details of the proposal were effectively communicated.

During the five-day meeting, the committee members completed the intensive work and wrote more than 20 pages of review comments. The Committee congratulated the CEPC team on the excellent progress made and was impressed by the quantity and quality of the work carried out and presented. It is considered that the overall design objectives of the accelerator have been clearly defined, and the design objectives of key systems have been achieved, such as 650 MHz and 1.3 GHz superconducting high frequency cavity, power source and collider magnet. At the same time, the review committee also made suggestions for further improvement in the work of each profession, providing an important reference for future in-depth work and design optimization. The final review comments will be announced in July.

The accelerator team will make reference to the final review comments, revise and complete the technical design report on schedule. The holding of the review meeting marks the technical design work of CEPC into the production and verification stage of batch prototypes.

TDR Phase-1 Review Committee Members:

  • Philip Bambade, IJCLab
  • Maria Enrica Biagini, INFN Frascati
  • Manuela Boscolo, INFN Frascati
  • Brian Foster, DESY & U. Oxford
  • Yoshihiro Funakoshi, KEK
  • Kazuro Furukawa, KEK
  • Roberto Kersevan, CERN
  • Hélène Mainaud Durand, CERN
  • Norihito Ohuchi, KEK
  • Carlo Pagani, INFN Milano
  • Anatoly Sidorin, JINR
  • Makoto Tobiyama, KEK
  • Kay Wittenburg, DESY
  • Akira Yamamoto, KEK
  • Zhentang Zhao, SINAP
  • Frank Zimmermann, CERN, chair











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