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Q7: China lacks sufficient talents for CEPC construction, operation, application and research

China has about 1000 researchers in high energy physics, second to the European Union, the United States and Japan.This team has achieved a lot of world-class results and plays an important role in international cooperation. At the same time, China has a complete team of collider design, construction and operation, and has carried out the construction and operation of BEPC, BEPCII, as well as several light source projects and spliting neutron sources.

CEPC is much larger than BEPC and BEPCII, but through the accumulation, training and recruitment, especially the construction of high-energy light sources, we can satisfy the requirements of CEPC design, construction and operation.As a matter of fact, there is a young team for the conceptual design report and the pre-research of key technologies of the CEPC project.The team has been highly recognized by world-class experts in international review.

First-class projects will gather first-class talent. CEPC has attracted the wide interest from world. CEPC will bring together the top international talent and become a valuable asset of our country.

As CEPC is proposed and led by China, all the scientific achievements from CEPC will have China's significant contribution





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