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Q3: ILC Vs CEPC: no matter whether ILC is built or not, there is no need to establish CEPC.

Because the accelerator technology for ILC and CEPC are different, ILC and CEPC are complementary.

  • ILC has no advantage in precisely measuring the Higgs boson: the number of Higgs boson generated per year is only 1/6 of CEPC.
  • ILC has no advantage in electroweak and flavor physics: CEPC luminosity is 3-4 orders of magnitude larger than ILC.
  • ILC can be upgraded to 500-1000 GeV, which has some advantages in indirect measurement.
  • In addition to the advantages in Higgs boson energy region, CEPC also has great advantages in W and Z boson energy region.
  • After the CEPC runs, a proton-proton collider can also be built simultaneously in the same tunnel, which has great advantages in direct measurement and has the possibility of e-p collision in CEPC-SppC simultaneously running.
  • CEPC is an extremely advantageous solution and is the only method and opportunity for us to achieve international leadership in high energy physics.





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