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Q2:LHC Vs CEPC: if LHC doesn’t discover new physics, there is no need to establish CEPC.

On the contrary! If LHC can not observe new physics, then the motivation for constructing CEPC will be stronger.

  • The discovery of new physics will only depend on CEPC's study of Higgs boson.
  • For Higgs boson measurements, CEPC is 100 million times stronger than LHC, 10 times more precise and 10 times more sensitive to new physics. If there is no new physics on LHC, CEPC will still have a great chance to discover new physics.
  • CEPC is a very clean Higgs plant, and thousands of clean Higgs bosons will make CEPC become the most effective tool for human research and exploration of new physics in and beyond the standard model.
  • Even if the LHC and CEPC cannot discover new physics, we can enhance the energy scale of Standard Model, and made great breakthrough in human understanding of nature, which is also a very important physics result.





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