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Q1:CEPC is unlikely to achieve major breakthroughs, so it is difficult to search for supersymmetry.

If CEPC discovers signs of new physics, proton colliders can be built in the same tunnel to look directly for new physics. 50 years of development plan, 50 years ahead of the world

  • The scientific goal of CEPC is not to find supersymmetry directly, but to make precise measurements of the properties of Higgs boson and other standard model parameters, and to discover new physics indirectly by looking for inconsistencies with the standard model.
  • Model-independent analysis, especially the naturalness of Higgs boson mass, tells us that new physics is likely to occur at 1-10 TeV
  • The known problems of the standard model, including the mass grade, vacuum instability, the dark matter particles, neutrinos (mass), Higgs boson self-coupling and so on, are all related to Higgs boson.
  • The precision study of Higgs boson is an essential step in particle physics.
  • CEPC can measure the Higgs boson with best precision and make important scientific discoveries; CEPC can improve the measurement precision of Z and W boson by 1-2 orders of magnitude. Together with Higgs boson, it can validate the standard model in all directions and with the highest precision, find new physics, and achieve major breakthroughs.





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