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Conference talks

Yifang WangIHEP, CAS2020-11-104th FCC Physics and Experiments workshopVirtual20mCEPC and Synergies with the FCC-ee
Yong LiuIHEP, CAS2020-11-104th FCC Physics and Experiments workshopVirtual15m A crystal calorimeter for CEPC
Yaquan FangIHEP, CAS2020-11-6CLHCP2020Virtual20+5 Higgs Physics at the CEPC
Jie GaoIHEP, CAS2020-11-6CLHCP2020Virtual20+5 Recent Highlight of the CEPC accelerator Study & Design
Lingfeng LiHKUST, HK2020-11-6CLHCP2020Virtual 20+2 Resolving Flavor Anomalies at the CEPC
Qi LiuWuhan2020-11-6CLHCP2020Virtual14+2 H->mumu measurement at the CEPC
Qin QinHUST, Wuhan2020-11-6CLHCP2020Virtual15+5 Discovery potential of doubly-heavy tetraquarks at the LHCb and the CEPC
Jianchun WangIHEP, CAS2020-11-6CLHCP2020Virtual25+5 CEPC R&D
Jiarong YuanNaikai, Tianjin2020-11-6CLHCP2020Virtual 14+2 SUSY Search at the CEPC
Ivan SmiljanicBelgrade2020-7-28ICHEP2020Prague(Virtual)Czech Republicposter Integrated luminosity measurement at CEPC
Mila PandurovicBelgrade2020-7-28ICHEP2020Prague(Virtual)Czech Republic18m Measurement of Higgs to WW in the all-jet final state at CEPC √s=250 GeV
Jie GaoIHEP, CAS2020-7-28ICHEP2020Prague(Virtual)Czech Republic20m CEPC Accelerator Towards TDR
Qun OuyangIHEP, CAS2020-7-28ICHEP2020Prague(Virtual)Czech Republic15m Development of high resolution low power silicon pixel sensors for the CEPC vertex detector
Haoyu ShiIHEP, CAS2020-7-28ICHEP2020Prague(Virtual)Czech Republic20mStudies of the Beam backgrounds at the CEPC
Zhigang WangIHEP, CAS2020-7-28ICHEP2020Prague(Virtual)Czech Republic20mStudy progress of CEPC Sc-ECAL

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